Our Musical Dilemma

I love music but I doubt my taste in music is great. The students on this trip like the songs I listen to (or just like my access… Yes Apple Music?) but my friends back home would disagree. Regardless of their opinion, blasting music on this trip has been somewhat complicated.

When we’re travelling on our bus — the normal bus, that is — blasting music is difficult. The speakers on our regular bus are predominantly located near the back of the bus. That makes listening to music difficult because my dear friend, Erin, sits back there. When the music goes past a certain mark on the volume controller (usually 6), you’ll hear Erin in the back saying “Dr. Amster, can you turn the music down?!!??”.

“It’s too loud back here” says Erin. I sigh as the music is lowered. Now barely audible to the normal person, I plug in my headphones and continue listening to my music. But wait. Shouldn’t I like listening to music through my headphones? Normally yes but a couple days after I arrived in Morocco, I ended up breaking one side of my headphones getting out of a cap so now music plays from only one side.

However today while traveling to Casablanca, we ended up getting one of the new busses. This bus, with a redesigned speaker system and bluetooth technology, allowed us to blast music directly from my phone instead of listening to the radio.

Reflecting on this note, music is very popular in Morocco. The radio station usually put on by the bus drivers play a mix of english and arabic songs. It’s quite interesting to see the harmony that both of these languages bring. My host brother loves jamming to western music – sometimes even with me. My host mom on the other hand who doesn’t speak much english has Beyonce’s “Chasing You” as her ringtone. It’s nice to see that Western culture has had an impact on the lives of Moroccans.Photo on 2016-05-25 at 12.54 PM

Looking forward to our next bus ride…  🙂

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