Getting Sick

It was the last place anyone wants to get a stomach bug. 5 hours from the nearest major city, 2 hours from the nearest hospital, and 30 minutes to the nearest clinic  — by walking that is. I was scared. Had I contracted e.coli poisoning? Was I dying? I wasn’t sure but I sure as hell was not ready to find out.

I tried my best to help myself. As a scholar in Google Medicine, Over time I’ve developed a regiment to help cure myself of certain ailments. Immodium, Tylenol, Gravol, and a little bit rehydration salts were supposed to do the trick. Unfortunately it didn’t. It was roughly 15 hours of intense stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Truth be told, I was scared. The health-care system here probably isn’t that great. Compared to Toronto, Morocco really lacks the much needed infrastructure. I was thinking of the worst-case scenario that could’ve happened. I wasn’t ready to leave Aguddim. We just got here and I didn’t want to be the first to go.

Thankfully I wasn’t. The next day, I was feeling better. I was brought into a strict diet and I had to watch what I ate and drank. No more tea for me … I did however, get my iced tea. It was a terrible experience but it was a eye changing one. I wasn’t the only one to get get sick on trip. Though the #SickCrew was small, we [or at least I] is/are sorry for the pain and inconvenience we had caused.

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