Look at Me Street

We had been warned about “Look at me” street before we even stepped on the plane to Morocco. It was suggested we may see significantly more exposed skin here than in other parts of the city, let alone in other parts of the country.  We were also advised against accepting this form of dress as our norm for the trip.

The actual name of the road is “Avenue Al Ami Fal Oulu Omar”. The street runs through Agdal, and the McDonald’s which serves as the landmark for the petit taxi on our morning commute is located here.  As AMIDEAST is just a few buildings in, over out past three weeks we have spent sufficient time walking, shopping and eating along “Look at me” street.  Such has allowed for ample people watching. 

Often while we walk along we point out the knees and shoulders of both men and women that we see.  Once a midriff was spotted; a large muscle tee was even worn as a dress.  However, the most memorable moment occurred while I was sitting on a bus as we waiting for stragglers to leave on our afternoon outing.  It was from here that I had a sheltered and elevated view to watch a young woman walk in front of a cafe. She was wearing a very tight black skirt which hit about 2/3 down her thigh, and an equally a tight bright pink low cut tank top.  The truly entertaining part of this scene however was not her ‘scandalous’ outfit but rather the reaction of the 20 or so men sitting at the cafe.  As she passed by, I watched the head of nearly every man actively turn to continue watch her.  It was actually mildly uncomfortable to witness. 

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