Family’s night out

After a long day, we came home to a warm welcome from a new member of the family: jidd (Grandma). I was very surprised by her enthusiastic greetings and frequent exclamations. It seemed to me that the family greatly appreciated the short visit by the well respected jidd. She spoke fluent French along with her Arabic mother tongue, and also had a lick of English. The night was filled with unexpected events. During a friendly game of Uno with our host sister, she suddenly told us to close our eyes. Once she allowed us to peel back our fingers, standing in front of us was who we thought was our host mother, but instead it was her twam (Twin)! Entering through the door was our host mother’s brother-in-law and two lovely girls (our host siblings’ cousins). Together, we played a few more rounds of Uno until we were invited to head out with the family for a night of spectacular sights! I took the other car with my host em (Uncle), emi (Aunt), and two cousins]. In the car to the Medina, I learnt that like my host sister, my host cousin also took English classes outside of school. She was able to speak fluent Arabic and French, and also a good level of both English and Spanish. Once we arrived, we joined with my host family and went towards a circle of clapping fans. In the middle was a group of young, male acrobats. To my knowledge, they performed here on most occasions. Later on, we watched a duo of musicians known as a ‘mariachi band’. Throughout the night, I observed that the Rabat community had a strong appreciation and respect for their street performers, and admired their talented acts. Children and adults of all ages scrambled to take out their change to show their admiration for the performances. It was truly a memorable family night excursion out into Rabat.

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