Morocco: The Unofficial Wrap-up 

It’s pretty sad actually. I never thought I’d miss Morocco this much. It’s only been a couple of weeks since we left but it already feels like an eternity.

I fell in love with Morocco. It’s a hella’ beautiful country. We arrived in rain but left in sunshine. I came here without knowing any Darija but left with a plethora of it in my brain.

The mediterranean palm trees, the beautiful ocean, the scenic mountains, and the hot desert. If you can think of it, Morocco probably has it. The Medina’s we visited also had everything. Morocco has everything — it is everything.

Our visits to NGOs brought knowledge and inspiration to my soul. Our lectures that felt like they lasted forever helped connect theory to thought. Our site visits across the country brought out aspects of academia rather than tourism.

My Rabat was waking up at 7:30 every morning to take a shower. My Rabat was taking a petit taxi everyday to and from school. My Rabat was going out to eat for lunch almost everyday of the week.49506_dsc00642at

My Casa was arriving in Morocco after a rainfall. My Casa was travelling to see NGOs in action. My Casa was my point of departure out of Morocco.13211130_10208612884935317_1825438502_o (1)

My Fez was filled with heat and sweat. My Fez was accompanied by a water bottle wherever we went. My Fez was taking in how gorgeous the view was.IMG_1701

My Beni Mellal was a trip to the foot of the mountains. My Beni Mellal was a stay in luxury. My Beni Mellal was the gateway to eternity.IMG_0629

My Zawiya Ahansal was a trip of a life time. My Zawiya Ahansal was where memories were made. My Zawiya Ahansal was a journey to be repeated.IMG_0936

My Marrakech was a foreigners paradise. My Marrakech was a beautiful square at night. My Marrakech was a sight of sick friends.IMG_0971

My Morocco was my Morocco. My experience was unique to me. I’m sad I left Morocco but happy I made the effort to come.DSC_0120_01 copy

Inshallah, we will see each other again! – Uwais Patel, student at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

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