The Maternal and Infant Health in Morocco program has been featured in articles, PBS television programs, and at other universities:

The history and creation of the program was featured in an article on April 3, 2012.

Ellen Amster was interviewed about the program and Women, Health and Development in Morocco on January 20, 2013 by Rob Ricigliano, Director of the Institute for World Affairs at UWM, on the PBS program “International Focus.”

The program is featured at the Center for Middle East Studies at University of Michigan and the Gender Studies Program at University of Notre Dame.

Maternal and infant health in Morocco has been the topic of a 2011 Moroccan Ministry of Health/WHO summit and news articles assessing Morocco’s progress towards UN Millenium Development Goals and reforms intended to address urban-rural disparities and the new health insurance program, RAMEDFor more news stories about maternal health, see this link.  Recent research news include a Conference on Newborn Screening in Fez, a Project on Bacterial Infections in Mothers and Newborns in Rabat, planned reforms to the public health system, and improvements in water-delivery systems for cleaner drinking water For published research, visit the Bibliography page of this website.

Testing Water Quality in the High Atlas Mountains

Testing Water Quality in the High Atlas Mountains


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