Morocco offers many resources for researchers, visitors, students, and artists:

Tangier American Legation Museum is a museum, library, archive, and institute for Moroccan studies in Tangier, Morocco.  The first diplomatic property of the U.S. overseas, the Legation has become an important research center.  The Director’s Blog includes wonderful details about Moroccan history and the collections.

National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat is a treasure for researchers and has cultural events and exhibitions.

La Source, a Catholic library in Rabat, has an extensive collection of materials from the colonial period.

Dar al-Sirr web portal is a comprehensive introduction to Moroccan Sufism, Sufi sites, music, and the history of the Tijaniyya Sufi order in Morocco.  The curator of the portal is also translating a Tijani hagiographical text, which is also available to the public via the portal.

Jewish Morocco website offers historical information about the Jewish population in Morocco, the Jewish heritage museum in Casablanca, and offers K-12 teaching materials.

Peace Corps Morocco Wiki offers general information about Morocco, Peace Corps, and English-language resources, including UNICEF Morocco.

The Moroccan Ministry of Culture offers a website with a list of Moroccan museums.

Fez Sacred Music Festival draws artists from many faiths around the world.  The official website offers tickets and information.

The seaside city of Essaouira hosts an international festival of Gnawa music.

Dr. Jocelyn Hendrickson of the University of Alberta has written an article with an overview of Moroccan manuscripts in libraries.

Centre Cinematographique Marocain has an extensive, historical collection of Moroccan films and is open to researchers.  There is also a Center of Cinema in Tangiers.

Babelfan is a general culture website that features cultural, artistic, dance, cinema events in Morocco.

Lalla Essaydi (“Madame/Sir”) is a Moroccan conceptual artist who exhibited at the Smithsonian museum in 2013.

Paul Bowles was an American fiction writer who wrote extensively about Morocco and lived in Tangier.

Jazz Concert at the Chellah, Rabat

Jazz Concert at the Chellah, Rabat


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