Maternal and Infant Health in Morocco partners with a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Morocco:

Association de Lutte Contre le SIDA (Association for the Battle Against AIDS) is the first AIDS NGO in the Middle East and North Africa.  ALCS imported antiretrovirals to Morocco with assistance from French AIDS NGOS and began the first AIDS testing, treatment, and patient advocacy in Morocco as early as 1988.  ALCS has expanded to research in AIDS prevalence and behaviors, public information and education, militating for the right of access to generic medications for the state of Morocco, and trains imams, prostitutes, IV drug users, sub-Saharan asylum seekers, and MSM as peer AIDS educators.  The students visit ALCS in Rabat, in the G5 neighborhood.

AMIDEAST-Morocco is an American NGO based in Rabat, promoting U.S. study in the Middle East since 1951.  AMIDEAST teaches classical and colloquial Arabic for the Fulbright program and hosts the Critical Language Scholarship for Arabic of the U.S. Department of State.

The Atlas Cultural Foundation is an American NGO that coordinates with SMNID, a Berber NGO in the High Atlas mountains.  ACF assists Moroccan women and children improve quality of life through locally determined development projects.  See the ACF/SMNID page on this website for more information, and this article from W.e. News about midwifery and maternal health in Zawiya Ahansal.  W.e. News also produced a video.

Casamémoire is a Moroccan NGO dedicated to the preservation, history, and public history of the architecture and urbanism of twentieth-century Casablanca.

Global Rights: Morocco is an international NGO based in Rabat dedicated to assisting Moroccans to conduct grassroots level awareness-raising and community mobilization about women’s rights; utilize international human rights standards in strategic litigation to promote and protect those rights; and facilitate networking and collaboration between and among urban and rural non-governmental organizations.  Global Rights has an extensive publication list and maintains links to Moroccan government documents on the website, many in translation.

Institut National d’Hygiène du Maroc (National Institute of Hygiene of Morocco) is part of the Moroccan Ministry of Health and serves as the national center for epidemiology, public health information, and the national laboratory for the environmental and biological determinants of health.  Visit their website for a list of research publications from the INH.

La Solidarité Feminine is a secular, feminist Moroccan NGO dedicated to supporting unwed mothers, preventing child abandonment, and improving child health by providing job training, childcare, and housing stipends.  A 2012 article.  The founder, Aicha Ech-Channa, was awarded the 2009 Opus prize for Solidarité Feminine.  See English-language videos and interviews with Aicha Ech-Channa.

Students at ALCS in Rabat

Students at ALCS in Rabat


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